SPEVORIX Sharpening Stone 1000/6000 Set With Flattening Stone



  • DOUBLE GRIT DOUBLE MERITS: get coarse grinding and polishing at same time. Made of high graded white corundum,no messy, water is enough!
  • PREMIUM SHARPENING SET REAL CASH SAVER: includes a 2 sided grit whetstone( 1000/6000), a fixer stone as extra BONUS, an angle guide, a bamboo base and a slip-resistance silica base.
  • MUITLPURPOSE COMBINATION STONE: be it kitchen knives, outdoor knives, scissors, scythes, razors or tools such as chisels, hand scrapers, plane blades even axe. EXCEPT serrated blades and ceramic knife.
  • EXTREMLY SAFE AND SIMPLE USE: This sharpening stone set is very suitable for beginners, it really don’t need much skill with the help of the angle guide, and it also comes with a user guide booklet.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GURANTEE:100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.
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SPEVORIX, chef’s choice

Double grit sharpening stone, double merits, we offer you good products and you make a better knife

1. Premium sharpening stone ensure effective sharpening results.
1000 grit for coarse grinding, 6000 grit for fine grinding. Keep your knives sharp as new.
2.Added two bonus accessories (fixer stone & angle guide) to help you with the sharpening, an angle guide is very helpful especially for beginners.
3.Fixer stone add to maintaining the sharpening stone’s smoothness
If the sharpening stone becomes uneven after long time use or have defects on it because of scratch, it’s time for the fixer stone to play the role
4.Perfect for any size knife, meets the day to day requirement of commercial use also easy enough to use for home cook.

Double sided grit( 1000/6000) whetstone*1
Fixer stone*1
Angle guide*1
Bamboo base *1
Slip-resistance silica base*1
A user guide booklet*1

Instructions for Use
1. Soak the stone in water for 5 minutes before sharpening.
2. Clips the angle guide on the spine of knife
3. Hold the knife at angle of 10°-30°between the stone.
4. Use the lower grit side first, then higher girt side. The bluntness decide how many times you should grind the knife.
5. Grind the blade with a gentle pressure back and forth, continue to apply some water during use.
6. Don’t scrape off the slurry it can help to sharpening the knife.
7. Rinse the stone with water, wipe clean and air dry.

1.This sharpening stone is not suitable for serrated knife and ceramic knife.


Question: Can I use it for steel knives?

Answer: hi, sure. this sharpening stone set is literally suitable for knives made of steel. kitchen knives, outdoor knives, scissors, chisels, pocket knives ect.


Question: Can this be used to sharpen wood lathe chisels?

Answer: hi, Yes, it is recommend using flat blade chisels.


Question: What size of knifes can I sharpen?

Answer: hi, the sharpening stone is suitabe for kinds of blades, smaller knife like pocket knife, big knife like chinese cleaver, even axe . the size of sharpeing stone is 7.1 (L)*2.5(W)*1.4(H) inch


Question: How long does it take to learn? i have never used a whetstone before.

Answer: Not long at all. I watched a youtube video about the concept and started practicing on my not so great knives. Now i can get a good edge on all of them. Find this sort of relaxing.


Question: Can I use this on common non-serrated scissors?

Answer: hi, yes, it can sharpn non-serrated scissors


Question: I’m buying this for my brother in law, will it work on expensive knives?

Answer: hi, sure , this sharpening stone set is suitable for knives made of steel, be it damascus steel, german steel … you can use your expensive knife on this sharpening set




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