SPEVORIX Kitchen Shears,Multi-purpose Scissors.


$19.99 $11.99

SCISSOR, EASIER AND HAPPIER:easily cut meats, herbs and also trim fat, And featuring a bottle and can opener.
PROFESSIONAL DESIGN : the 8 ” multi-function kitchen scissor is designed for both convenience and strength. The scissors boast an ergonomic, slip resistant handle
JUST LIKE BRAND NEW SHEARS EVERYDAY: high quality stainless steel that is excellently rust and corrosion resistant,And also, it’s dishwasher safe.
SPECIAL PACKAGE FOR SPECIAL YOU:our kitchen scissors come with a reusable and environment friendly cloth bag.
100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are confident that you will love our stainless steel kitchen shears.

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Product description

SPEVORIX Kitchen Scissor, Your Cumbersome Kitchen Life Saver!
Are you still taking too much time to cook for your children? Are you still using that kitchen knife to handle fish scale but still can’t easily remove them? Are you still painfully fighting with that tough turkey with that heavy knife? Now, you don’t need. Our multipurpose stainless kitchen shear is here a saver for you. Since our scissor can handle every type of meat with ease. And thanks to its light, ergonomic and nontoxic handle, you will instantly fall in love with its flexible performance and comfortable holding. Such a time-saving, versatile all in on kitchen tool, how can your kitchen miss that? Let alone, it’s only 10.89!

Kitchen Shears x1
Nice Cloth Bag x1
Guide Booklet x1



Question: can these kitchen scissors be used to cut flower stems for arrangements?
Answer: Hi, yes, these scissors not only can be used in kitchen, you can also use them to trim flower.

Question: will these kitchen shears come with sheath?
Answer: No, a burlap bag. I use my knife caddy, it has a spot for kitchen shears. These shears at great

Question: Can I use this kitchen scissor to cut meats? Do they come apart for easy clean?
Answer: hi, Yes, the blades of these kitchen shears are ultra sharp, it performs very well in all kinds of kitchen tasks, like cutting meat, chicken, fish, rib bones, veggies and herbs etc. and also its good quality blades and super sharpness allow you can use it outside of Kitchen, such as cut flowers and trim plants stems. T… see more

Question: Are these kitchen scissors dishwasher safe?
Answer: Yes, they are dishwasher safe

Question: will these shears rust?
Answer: Hi these scissors are made of good quality stainless steel, so they won’t rust for years under proper use

Question: how long are these kitchen scissors cutting blade?
Answer: Hi, these kitchen scissors blade are around 3.1 Inch, long enough to do all kinds of food preparation:)

Question: are these scissors anti-rust?
Answer: Yes, these kitchen shears are rust-resistant, the blades are stainless steel made.

Question: Do they cut through bones? like separating chicken wings?
Answer: Hi! These kitchen shears can handle small bones easily. Separating chicken wings


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