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Q: What is the difference between vegetable cleaver and meat cleaver?

A: Hi, veggie cleaver is like its name, mainly handle with vegetables and boneless meat, it is light, sharp, but you can never use it to cut hard things. Meat cleaver is called chop bone cleaver in Chinese, it is heavy also sharp, it’s bade is thick, you can use it to chop bones, ribs, whole chicken, pumpkin, coconut… when it comes to heavy works you can always use the meat cleaver.

Q: How does the full tang design do well to knives?

A: Full tang design means the whole knife is in one piece so it makes it more solid and safe, prevent deformation or fracture.

Q: How to maintain the sharpness of the edge?

A: Clean the knife and wipe dry the knife after each use, it is also suggested that use knife sharpener or whetstone to sharp it whenever you feel you need it.

Q: How long does it take to learn to use the whetstone?

A: The whetstone comes with an instruction, and an angle guide to help sharpening.

The tip is save the slurry when sharpening, you will get amazing results.

It is very easy and it won’t take more than 3 minutes to learn to how to use.

Q: How to sharp the serrated knives?

A: Please use sharpener special for serrated knives or get to a sharpening store to get it sharpened.

Q: Hand wash or dishwasher, which do you guys recommend?

A: It is suggested that hand wash to extended the knives service life, dish wash may damage the edge.

Q: Do i need to sharpen the knife before use it?

A: The knives are sharp out of box and no need to sharpen.

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